Welcome to the Isle of Wight Gun Club, the Island’s oldest CPSA recognised gun club, and one of the county’s best clay shooting venues,  we are open every other Sunday, 10am – 2pm

Next shoot – Sunday 29th May 2022

Shooting Update

Please note a change to the programme,  Sunday 29th May ( next shoot )  will be DTL & ABT  only  pre booked
Planning for the 2023 Island Games is taking place, read more here



Latest Results

Heavy rain and wind make for difficult shooting


Today’s inclement weather put a dampener on some shooters enthusiasm to go out. Of those that did venture out, most seemed to struggle. The layout didn’t look difficult, but was made harder by the heavy rain and strong breeze. There didn’t seem to be any targets that stood out as any harder than the rest, but the scores were lower than usual.
May Day shoot in the rain


Today’s county championship shoot had a bit for everyone. There were some friendly stands, and some not so friendly ones to sort the wheat from the chaff. The fast midi and quartering right to left looper on stand 5 and the simo pair up in the pit were the two that tested all the shooters and ruined a few score cards. Well done to those that survived these two stands.

Next 3 shoots, full fixtures here

DateSporting Fixture 100 BirdsSporting SeriesTrap Fixture 100 Birds
15 May 22SportingSpring 6DTL (R)
29 May 22*** NO SPORTING ***DTL & ABT Prebook Only
12 Jun 22SportingSummer 1DTL (R)
26 Jun 22Benefit CupSummer 2DTL - County Championship
10 Jul 22SportingSummer 3DTL - Sam Beeney
24 Jul 22SportingSummer 4DTL (R)
07 Aug 22SportingSummer 5UT
21 Aug 22Island Builders CupAutumn 1DTL - Club Championship
04 Sep 22SportingAutumn 2DTL (R) - Colin Caws
18 Sep 22SportingAutumn 3ABT - Club Championship
02 Oct 22SportingAutumn 4DTL (R)
16 Oct 22Sporting (R)Autumn 5SB - Club championship
30 Oct 22SportingAutumn 6DTL (R)
12 Nov 22SportingSATURDAY Winter 1DTL
27 Nov 22SportingWinter 2DTL (R)
11 Dec 22Wappenshaw (bring a prize - win a prizeWinter 3DTL
17 Dec 22Christmas ShootSATURDAYDTL

Latest News

Island Games

The Island Games will be in Guernsey in 2023, and a full schedule of shotgun events is proposed. https://www.iiga.org What we need to know, and quite quickly,  is who would be interested in representing the Isle of Wight.   Dates: 8 – 14 July 2023     Proposed Events: (both Mens and Womens events, individual and

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