Fun Shoot Saturday 28th December

A mixed day,  with the majority of shooters able to shoot in the sunshine, with only those going out later troubled by the rain.  Some great targets on the ground today, including once again 4 lovely stands in the woods, which although ‘boggy’  are standing up well despite the very wet weather. The ditches that were dug over the summer are doing their job, and in the coming months further improvements to the pathways are planned – if you feel able to assist in that improvement, please do contact a member of the committee who will let you know how you can help.

Sporting Scores from today, will not go towards the winter season shoot, which continues on the 5th of January, but well shot Mark Coburn with an impressive 87 today.


Mark Coburn 87
Mark Whillier 83
Charles Darbyshire 75
John Slade 74
Bob Morris 70
Daryl Langdon 69
Kevin Wheeler 68
Ron Western 66
Ollie Hughes 66
Andrew Abraham 64
Chris Beesley 64
Ken Rozier 63
Alan Godfrey 62
Dave Moring 62
Matt Slade 62
Phil Strickland 62
Ian Williams 62
Michael Heenan 61
Dave Morris 61
Ben Slade 61
Chris Draper 58
Robbie Morris 55
James Askew 54
Duncan Heenan 50
Merrick James 50
Peter Hughes 48
Rob Baker 47
Roy Vivash 46
Sharron Morris 43
Darren Juggins 43
Tim Moore 29