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16th December 2018 Scores

We were lucky that as forecast, the weather front passed through overnight to leave  much less wind & the rain held off, to reveal an exciting & challenging layout, with quite a few simo pairs.  A big climber in the Skeet ground caught a few out, but it was still enjoyable.    Spare a thought however …

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2nd December Scores

An already stiffly set sporting course with some high speed clays was compounded in difficulty by a strong blustery winds and intermittent rain showers – suitable conditions for the first of our Sporting Winter Series. Mark Whillier was high gun  with 92 ,  a good deal ahead of 2nd placed Rob Gale and Ben Morris …

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Sporting Winter Series 2017/18

The 11th Feb saw the last of our winter series, which gives way, rather optimistically to the Spring series, lets hope the weather warms up to reflect that changing season. As usual there were 6 counting shoots for this series, for the high gun competition, a competitor counts their best 5 scores – and from …

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11th Feb 2018 Scores

Anyone shooting at midday had the pleasure of a brief hail shower,  but before and after that we were blessed with some nice winter sunshine ( like summer sunshine, but lower air temperatures ! )    The course setters put out some challenges for the sporting course today, with a simo pair up by the …

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Scores January 28th 2018

A tricky layout at the ground today, whilst wet underfoot, it was thankfully dry in the sky, with even some bits of blue sky showing through at times. The conditions were to the liking of Lee Pitman, who led the way with 85 in the High Gun competition, followed by Iain Hall, 82 and Mike …

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14th January 2018 Scores

New Year, new course set up.  Great shooting conditions, not a breath of wind for most of our shooting window, and  any rain stayed off,  if that’s what the rest of the winter is going to be – we’d take that.   Some notable sporting targets today with a simo-pair shot from the skeet ground …

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17th December 2017 Scores

Another great layout from the course setters today where close attention was required to get decent consistency.  Lots of good stands, but our pick would be the two high stalling birds shot from next to the low house on the skeet ground, they were fabulous – for those that found them, being brave looked impressive, …

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Sunday 3rd December 17

A great day at the club today, the cold winds of the last week, gave way to a mild day, with little wind, and critically – no rain!   There was a great layout today, with some nice target combinations,  which were easy to miss, yet very satisfying to hit.  In general the scores were …

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19th November Scores ** updated **

A cracking day for the first of the Winter 17/18 series, with light winds, and some great targets to play with.  The sun was a challenge for those shooting stand 1 & 4 later in the day. The simo pair from the top made it worth attending, and the batteau in the copse  was a …

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