Update and instructions to shoot

Dear Members,
The shoot will be for members only. This is because we can only allow limited numbers of people to shoot, due to the current guidelines and restrictions, and to ensure the safety of shooters and the volunteers who run the shoot.
We hope to adhere to the fixture dates for the rest of the year, but not the fixtures planned, so scores will not count towards any series. There will not be any competitions or registered shoots for the rest of the year.
Shoots will be Sporting only. Unfortunately, there won’t be any Trap shooting for the foreseeable future. We will notify you when that changes.
There will not be any coaching for the rest of the year. All vouchers will be held over and will not expire.
Details of the shoots are as follows;
• It will be an 80 bird sporting shoot for £20.
• There will be 8 squads of 4 people, escorted through the ground by a caddie who will button & score for you.
• You can book and pay as an individual, and we will put you in a squad.
• If one person rings and books places for a squad of four, the cost of the four will fall to the squad if one member doesn’t show.
• Squad times are 10am / 10:10 / 10:20 / 10:30 / 10:40 / 10:50 / 11:15 / 11:25.
• To make sure everyone gets through the ground, squads will start promptly at the above times.
• Bookings will be taken on the club phone only (07984 160 421)
• Phoneline will be open between 6pm and 8pm on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st August only.
• Bookings will be taken on a “first come; first served” basis.
• If you leave a voicemail, Maria will get back to you.
• No kitchen or toilet facilities will be available.
The committee will continue to monitor the ongoing Covid situation on a regular basis and will make changes to the above if they deem it necessary.