Sporting Seasonal Championship Series

IWGC  –  Season Sporting Club Championship



Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn Sporting Club Championships

The Seasonal Sporting Club Championship is a series of 6 or more shoots, the results of which are combined to produce an overall ‘High Gun’ Season Sporting Club Champion, and a ‘Handicap Season Sporting Club Champion’   Only members of the IWGC qualify for entry, and all members that shoot any sporting shoot during the series will be automatically included in the championship results.


1)    4 Seasonal Sporting Championships each year (Winter Spring Summer & Autumn)

2)    SSCC run in parallel with other sporting competitions and trophies

3)    Members are automatically entered into each SSCC if they shoot at least once within each SSCC period

4)    Overall High Gun winner will be awarded to the shooter with the highest number of ‘hits’ across all contributing SSCC shoots, less worst shoot score  ( one ‘discard’ per series) Series ties will be settled in the following order, best discard score, best ‘ next lowest score’ etc. until the tie is broken, after which tie will be broken on the toss of a coin.

5)    Overall Handicap winner will be awarded to the shooter with the lowest  points total across all contributing shoots, less their worst place shoot ( one ‘discard’ per series)

  1. An individual will be allocated a personal handicap, which will remain constant for each SSCC
  2. The handicap will be applied to the shooter’s actual hits, to produce a ‘corrected score’
  3. An individual will be given points for each shoot equal to their rank on that day’s shoot based on their ‘corrected score’  –  Ist place 1 point, 2nd place 2 points etc. Tied positions score points equal to the tied position
  4. DNE ‘Did Not Enter’ on any shoot will be given points equal to the number of shooters for that shoot +1
  5. New members without an allocated personal handicap will only be eligible for High gun competition, until they have qualified for a personal handicap

6)    An up to date results board will be maintained in the club house, and on the IWGC website, results will be made available as soon as possible after each shoot

7)    Personal Handicap will be calculated using the following formula

Using the last 6 100 Bird sporting scores,  discard the best and worst scores and take average. Personal Handicap = 95 – Shooter’s Average rounded to the integer value i.e    76.4  would be rounded to 76,    76.9  would also be rounded to 76

8) Handicap Series Tie: