COVID 19 Statement Update 30th May 2020   To all valued Club Members,   I wrote to you all on the 20th March 2020, to explain the committee decision to suspend shooting at the club until the 6th June 2020. For much of the intervening period, the country has remained in a state of lockdown, with no choice but for the club to remain closed. However, over the past two weeks there has been some level of relaxation in the lockdown with further actions planned for mid-June. With that in mind, the committee met at the end of last week to review if it was prudent to open the club for next weekend. After due consideration we have decided to continue with the closure through until the end of June. This decision is based primarily on assuring the safety of both our members and those who help the club run on a shoot weekend. In the interim period we will continue to plan how we could move to a position that we are able to open the club as soon as we deem it safe to do so. This will of course also be in accordance with the government’s latest guidelines. The reality of this is that if we were to open there is every likelihood that it will be under very different conditions than those we have previously been used to. This would include (but not limited to) such things as:
  • Social distancing
  • Limited numbers of shooters on the ground
  • Limited squad sizes
  • Pre booked slots
  • Stands shot in order
  • No kitchen or clubhouse facilities
Please be assured that we are intent on reopening the club, but only at a point when we are confident that we can collectively manage the risk and make it a safe place to shoot. I would like to take the opportunity both as committee and personally, to thank all our members for their ongoing support and understanding under these difficult circumstances. Please keep yourselves and your families safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you back at the club soon. Assuring you of our best intentions and looking for your continued support. Regards on behalf of the Isle of Wight Gun Club Committee, Mark Whillier, Chairman