23rd Feb 2020

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The final shoot of the sporting winter series  lived up to its title,  not fully wintery conditions, but for the third weekend on the bounce the Island was subjected to strong winds, and a little bit of rain. Those that turned out had a great layout to play with on the sporting course, with some excellent scores. Daryl Wray was today’s high gun,  92, followed by Ollie Hughes,  87 and Daryl Langdon 86 In the …

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26th January2020 Scores

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Another great turnout today at the gun club. Thanks to all that came.  The bad weather held off long enough for most to finish without getting wet. The big crosser on Stand 4 proved to be one of the most testing targets  on the ground. Also, the looper on Stand 5 caught a few out, well done if you didn’t struggle!   High Gun today was Ben Morris with 92, followed in 2nd place by Daryl Langdon  and Mark Whillier both with 86 .  In the Handicap …

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12th January Scores

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A Blowy, but unseasonably warm weather saw shooters turn out in force ( 63 out on the sporting layout). The wind however, proved a test that was more difficult than it first appeared. High Guns were Leon Clifton and Lee Pitman with , closely followed by an unprecedented 2nd place joint 4 guns on 80 – Steve Donson, Iain Hall, Pete Squires and Ollie Hughes. In the Handicap Competition, Lindsay Smith shot 109 –  45+64, followed by …

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29th December – Last shoot of the decade!

By admin | December 29, 2019 | 3 Comments

Great turnout for our last shoot of the year, with good weather and some great  scores too. The right to left crosser on Stand 1 caught some out, along with the close in Rabbit on Stand 7. Thank you for supporting us throughout the last year. We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.  Ben Morris was High Gun with a terrific 95, followed by  Ollie Hughes 94 and Lee Pitman 90 In the Handicap competition, …

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15th December Scores

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The weather created some challenging conditions at the club today.  Due to the high wind, Stand 2 was not quite what was set up, so it turned out to be very difficult. The Teal on Stand 1 wasn’t easy either. Other than that, the layout shot well. The Highgun was an excellent 81 ( given the conditions )  from Darren Wray who shot very well indeed, followed by  Iain Hall 79, and Steve Donson and Lee Pitman both with 78.  In the Handicap Competition, …

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1st December 2019 Scores

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Wow, December already,  2019 has only a few weeks left to run, and we’ll be into 2020 !  Hope you’ve paid your subs. Today’s shoot was first of the winter series, and the temperature was fitting for the occasion, the bright sunshine a bonus. The big crosser on Stand 9 proved tricky for most, with the low crosser on Stand 10 and the right to left midi on Stand 6 caught a few out too. …

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Autumn Sporting Series – Winners Announced

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One of our best sporting series in terms of participation, with 74 members shooting at least one shoot in the Autumn Sporting Series, despite difficult conditions at times ! High Gun was won by 2 hits with Ben Morris sneaking in ahead of Ollie Hughes who was followed  by a strong performance to finish 3rd from Daryl Langdon   well done – awards will be made this Sunday.   In the Handicap competition John Slade, won …

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Sporting Scores

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Last shoot of the Autumn Sporting Series ( full results to follow )  in good sunny conditions with Ben Morris taking High Gun with 92  a full 10 hits clear of Leon Clifton with 82, and third place Daryl Langdon  79. In the handicap competition David Simpson shot well 62+51, 113 first first place, followed by John Slade 76+35, 111 and in third place was Tom Carlstedt-Duke 74+36, 110. The new averages will now be calculated, and …

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3rd November Results

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What a pleasant day at the club today after yesterday’s horrendous weather, which was so bad, that setting up the ground had to be called off until 7am this morning! The layout shot well, with no particular stand catching everyone out, but most found at least one tricky one. The new traps had their first outing today, and they worked brilliantly. Thanks to all that came today, and special thanks to those members who helped set up and pack away. Great shooting by Ben Morris 92  for the high gun of …

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20th October Scores

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After all the rain we have had lately, the mild sunny day brought everyone out. The sporting layout was well received, with the rabbit and left to right crosser stand on the skeet layout tripping a few people up, and the high driven on Stand two proving tricky too.  The new traps were out on display, and will be in use next shoot.  Over on the trap layout, the ABT Club Championship became a close …

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