3rd November Results

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What a pleasant day at the club today after yesterday’s horrendous weather, which was so bad, that setting up the ground had to be called off until 7am this morning! The layout shot well, with no particular stand catching everyone out, but most found at least one tricky one. The new traps had their first outing today, and they worked brilliantly. Thanks to all that came today, and special thanks to those members who helped set up and pack away. Great shooting by Ben Morris 92  for the high gun of …

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20th October Scores

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After all the rain we have had lately, the mild sunny day brought everyone out. The sporting layout was well received, with the rabbit and left to right crosser stand on the skeet layout tripping a few people up, and the high driven on Stand two proving tricky too.  The new traps were out on display, and will be in use next shoot.  Over on the trap layout, the ABT Club Championship became a close …

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6th October 2019 Scores

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The wind made the layout a little more tricky than it should have been today, but at least the sun was out. Good feedback from the layout, with some finding it harder than others. Great turnout – Thank you to all that came to enjoy the day … High Gun today was Mark Whillier, an excellent 87, followed by Lee Pitman 86 and Ollie Hughes on 84, great shooting.   In the Handicap competition Tony …

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22nd September Results

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Autum 2 Sporting Series & Single Barrel Club Champs Inclement weather made the course shoot a bit harder for some. The simmo teal on Stand 1 proved tricky for everyone, but all in all a nice layout. Joint winners were Pete Squires and Ben Morris, both on a very respectable 86, with 3rd Mark Whillier on 85.   In the handicap competition, it was Geoff Hall leading the way with 113(59+54) followed by joint 2nd place …

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8th September 2019 Scores

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A cold, crisp start gave way to a warm sunny day, with the layout having a bit of something for everyone. A couple of stands caught a few out, and the simmo pair of highstallers in the woods proved tricky. Ollie Hughes found his way around the course in style with a 90, two clear of Lee Pitman 88 and Leon Clifton  returning to the 80s, with a great 86 for 3rd place.  In the Handicap Competition, …

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Sporting Summer Series 2019 Final Results

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25th Aug Scores

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Near record Aug Bank Holiday temperatures make it very tough to shoot today – not a day for ‘black barrels’ which got hotter and hotter as the day went on. Mark Whillier found the right way round the sporting layout to record 86, followed by Howard Yates 80, and 3rd shared between Peter Squires and Cameron Cullen both with 79  –  great shooting. In the Handicap Competition,  Howard Yates‘ 80+29, 109 gave him the handicap …

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11th Aug 2019 Scores

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A windy day on the island was carried through to the club, where both sporting and DTL layouts were effected.     It was the day of the DTL club championship  with hits tied, it went down to the wire as the scores were counted,   Matt Thomas was declared the winner with 94/274,  just ahead of Dave Morris  94/271 DTL Club Championship Hits Points Matt Thomas 94 274 Dave Morris 94 271 Sharon Morris …

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28th July Scores

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Hot Hot Hot at the club today,  another great day’s shooting with a great turn out for a difficult sporting layout. Peter Squires found his way around to score a great 84, followed by Lee Pitman on 77 and Richard Rivlin shooting well to 76.   In the handicap competition,  Andrew Harvey shot very well 74+37, 111 followed by Robbie Baker 70+39, 109 and 3rd place Peter Squires 84+23, 107 In the Rose Bowl Rabbit …

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14th July 2019 Scores

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Another cracking day for our shooting.  Summer 3 in the Sporting Series and DTL for the Trap shooters. Some great scores out there today, with Mark Coburn leading the rankings with an excellent 90, followed by Lee Pitman  with 87 and Rob Gale leading the best of the rest with 78.  In the Handicap Competition,  Rob Bollen shot a record breaking ( we think )  handicap score of 123,  72+51,123 Very Well Done,  to take first place, …

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