On the sad passing of our President, ‘Sam’ Beeney

It is with great sadness that we bring you the news of the death of Sam Beeney.

His funeral will be held at the crematorium on Thursday 18th July at 3pm

Sam had been a member of the Gun Club for over 40 years.

He was always an honest and forthright man, but as he aged, he mellowed into the jovial, loveable person (‘old git’, he would say), that all knew and respected.

He always had the Club at heart and was always at the heart of the Club. He always wanted what was best for the Club and its members, working very hard over the years, including physically, to ensure the Club was progressive and that the members money was spent wisely.

He had been President for some 6 years and prior to this had been a Committee member & Vice President.

Although in a non-voting position, he attended Committee meetings making sure things were being done correctly, voicing his honest opinions and offering good guidance and advice, to the Committee.

He was at the Gun Club every Tuesday with ‘the other half of the double act’, Ray Rogers, looking at one thing or another or the next job to be done. Even at the age of 74 he could be found digging drains or cutting things down, despite repeatedly being told to take it easy. It was his way, if something needed doing; if he could, he would, saying “if we wait for the other lazy ‘buggers’ to do it, it will never get done”!

Sam was always a very good shot. He was well known and respected among the shooting fraternity, representing the Club at County and inter-club shoots.

It is very hard for most of us to believe that he won’t be sitting in his ‘Presidents chair’ on shooting and meeting days, or that we won’t hear that familiar ‘grunt’, when he called for a bird.

Our thoughts are with his wife Ethel and family at this very sad time.

Sam was a very special person to many of us and a good friend to most. To say he will be missed is an understatement and he certainly will never be forgotten.

There was and will only ever be one Sam Beeney.

Rest in peace Sam and thanks for the memories.

The Isle of Wight Gun Club Members & Friends.